The influx studios are located in the heart of Bern right besides the towns’ surrrounding river Aare. This calm and inspiring but yet central place has been appreciated by many artists and has been proven to be an ideal place for creative work. Many succesful recordings have been realized in the influx studios.

The Rooms

There are two recording rooms. Recording Room 1 is often used for Drums, Horns, Guitars and Vocals. Recording Room 2 is smaller and there is an Acoustic Piano. This Room is used for Instruments like Guitar, Double Bass, Violins, Cello, and also Vocals. The Sound of this Room is a bit more ‘open’ compared to Recording Room 1.


The equipment park of influx is growing constantly. The outboard equipment leaves nothing to be desired. There’s access to many of the most regarded tools in the industry. A selection of great vintage microphones and instrument amps allows experimenting to aim the artists wishes. Bundled with the power of the Protools HD Native system with a total of 56 analog ins and outs there’s no break in creativity.