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Influx Studios are located in the heart of Bern, Switzerland. With two Recording Rooms, one big Mixing Room and more than thirty of the finest outboard channels it’s possible to record live bands as well as doing some overdubs and edit tracks at the same time on the second Protools System.


Here at Influx we can get the best out of your music with our professional studio equipment and recording engineers. With a combined 30+ years in the business recording bands, we can see the concept from the tracking process that is needed to be the utmost quality, no matter the instrument or bands needs.

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Our mixing engineers which also play a huge role as producers will ensure that your songs that were recorded at Influx or any other studio is mixed down for the mastering process at the best possible quality. We will get the correct levels and vision that your songs need to be ready for the final mastering stage.

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We do in house mastering for our clients, online clients, and world renown record labels or the at home producers alike. We will get your mixdown premasters ready for CD, Vinyl, or Digital Online sale at a competitive quality that is industry standard.mastered-4-itunes

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For artists out there thinking a Major Record Label deal is the way to go; think again. This is a great read for the up-n-comers to regain faith in their music and staying true to their work.

"what is the other music industry existing right now? I call it the New Music Business. And it’s much more encouraging.

It is an industry existing completely outside TMZ culture. One that is not being written about by any of the culture rags. Or even Billboard very often. Because it’s not very sexy.
It is the industry of the independents. The working musicians. The DIYers damning the system and proclaiming they are not in it for quick fame and instant success, but because music is at the core of who they are. And they would rather build a career than chase fame.

There are literally tens of thousands of independent musicians, managing sustainable music careers, making middle class livings (or oftentimes 6-7 figure incomes), who you have never heard of. And Variety or TMZ will never write about.

Every creator on Patreon. Every artist touring clubs and theaters. Every musician running Kickstarters and PledgeMusic and IndieGoGo campaigns. Every indie artist making a living licensing songs on TV shows, commercials and films. Every artist making a music career happen in a creative way in 2017. There’s no one way to make it in the New Music Business. There are a hundred. And you haven’t heard of 95 of those ways. None of them have to do with getting signed to a major record label.

Because this is the new industry we are living in.

The “other” music business. The New Music Business is not supported by the major record labels. It’s not about a hit, but a career. It’s not about capitalizing on hilarious memes, but building relationships with fans.

I don’t care about Bhad Bhabi. And neither will anyone else (especially not Atlantic Records) in 3 years time. I’m not going to trash a 14 year old. That’s not cool no matter what you think of her or her perceived success.
Getting signed by a major record label is NOT a marker of success.

When 99% of all acts that get signed to major record labels fail (i.e. do not recoup the cost of their advance and get dropped), the odds are actually worse for you if you attempt to work within the traditional music industry. You might as well go and buy a lottery ticket.

So, both of these industries are existing. Simultaneously. One run by musicians defining their own career destinies. And the other by money-hungry opportunists. Which do you want to be a part of?" -

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About to be launching something 'cutting' edge at Influx Studios / Centraldubs Bern. Something ground breaking for vinyl enthusiasts and bands or musicians worldwide. Announcement coming soon! ... See MoreSee Less

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Some of our latest works

  1. Mirror Maze Ella Ronen 3:41
  2. Please Ella Ronen 2:25
  3. Härzschlag Kutti MC 3:29
  4. Cara Mia Kutti MC 4:14

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