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Influx Studios are located in the heart of Bern, Switzerland. With two Recording Rooms, one big Mixing Room and more than thirty of the finest outboard channels it’s possible to record live bands as well as doing some overdubs and edit tracks at the same time on the second Protools System.


Here at Influx we can get the best out of your music with our professional studio equipment and recording engineers. With a combined 30+ years in the business recording bands, we can see the concept from the tracking process that is needed to be the utmost quality, no matter the instrument or bands needs.

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Our mixing engineers which also play a huge role as producers will ensure that your songs that were recorded at Influx or any other studio is mixed down for the mastering process at the best possible quality. We will get the correct levels and vision that your songs need to be ready for the final mastering stage.

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We do in house mastering for our clients, online clients, and world renown record labels or the at home producers alike. We will get your mixdown premasters ready for CD, Vinyl, or Digital Online sale at a competitive quality that is industry standard.mastered-4-itunes

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1 day ago

Influx-Studios Bern/Berlin
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2 days ago

Influx-Studios Bern/Berlin

Thanks to radio stations who have already started to promote my new track Dance Your Pain Away! Can't wait for the rest of the story...
La Première, Option Musique, Rete Uno, RadioFr. Fribourg, RTN Radio Neuchâtel, RFJ.CH, and Thanks for your trust and support <3 <3

As for you Cherys, make sure you all listen to these radio stations and film yourself listening to my song 😉

Music video:

Download the song! :
Merci aux radios qui ont déjà commencé à promouvoir mon nouveau titre Dance Your Pain Away! Impatiente pour la suite de l'aventure...
La première, Option Musique, Rete Uno, Radio Fribourg, Radio Neuchâtel, Radio Fréquence Jura, Radio Jura Bernois et Radio15, merci pour votre confiance et votre soutien <3 <3

Et vous les Cherys, écoutez ces radios et filmez-vous lorsque vous entendez ma chanson 😉

Clip video:

Téléchargement sur toutes les plateformes:
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Some of our latest works

  1. Freedom Caroline Alves 3:54
  2. Treat me good Licia Chery 2:43
  3. Bye Bye Tobias Carshey 3:40
  4. Oh My Sweetest Gus MacGregor 2:53
  5. Marie Elena Gus MacGregor 2:36
  6. Broken Walls Dallan 4:28
  7. Lost Love Tobias Carshey 4:40
  8. Speak Up Dana 3:32
  9. Nur eine Maschine Electroboy 3:00
  10. You want me to Anouk and Henry 4:03
  11. Football Days Gus MacGregor 3:02
  12. Destin Anouk and Henry 3:32
  13. Orb of Night Dallan 3:57
  14. Cara Mia Kutti MC 4:14
  15. Mirror Maze Ella Ronen 3:41
  16. Härzschlag Kutti MC 3:29
  17. Please Ella Ronen 2:25

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