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Influx Studios are located in the heart of Bern, Switzerland. With two Recording Rooms, one big Mixing Room and more than thirty of the finest outboard channels it’s possible to record live bands as well as doing some overdubs and edit tracks at the same time on the second Protools System.


Here at Influx we can get the best out of your music with our professional studio equipment and recording engineers. With a combined 30+ years in the business recording bands, we can see the concept from the tracking process that is needed to be the utmost quality, no matter the instrument or bands needs.

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Our mixing engineers which also play a huge role as producers will ensure that your songs that were recorded at Influx or any other studio is mixed down for the mastering process at the best possible quality. We will get the correct levels and vision that your songs need to be ready for the final mastering stage.

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We do in house mastering for our clients, online clients, and world renown record labels or the at home producers alike. We will get your mixdown premasters ready for CD, Vinyl, or Digital Online sale at a competitive quality that is industry standard.mastered-4-itunes

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Rocket Science GmbH
So verbreitet sich euer Gesprächslärm aus dem Herzen der Zürcher Langstrasse, der Pizza Cella:

Das Gebiet um die Langstrasse ist Gegenstand eines Lärmstreits. Die Stadt Zürich hat uns beauftragt zu simulieren, wie sich Gesprächslärm auf der Piazza Cella in der Nachbarschaft ausbreitet und das Potenzial technischer Lösungen zur Dämpfung der Lärmemissionen zu bewerten.

Was interessant ist: Die meisten Geräusche die Sie hören, sind Reflexionen! Eine akustische Gestaltung der Stadt ist möglich...


This is how your conversational noise spreads from the centrepiece of Zurich's Langstrasse, Pizza Cella:

The area around Langstrasse is subject to a Noise dispute in Zurich. The City of Zurich has asked us to simulate how conversational noise on Piazza Cella spreads in the (neighbour-) hood and to evaluate the potential of technical solutions to damp noise emission.

What’s interesting: most of the noise you hear, are reflections!
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Influx-Studios Bern/Berlin

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Influx-Studios Bern/Berlin

Dean Wake
Be ready for our upcoming EP Everything Quiet! Release date is on 14.9.2018. The release party will be on 15.9.2018 in Gaskessel Bern. Tickets are available now at PETZI / Petzitickets:

Irascible Luk Kipfer Gaskessel Bern Zildjian Company​ Influx-Studios Bern/Berlin​ Ludwig.Drums​ Ludwig Drums​ #rock ​ #bern #swissmusic #drums #drummer #jazztrumpet #studio Sonor Drums Nicola Bernhard Slade Templeton Janosch Lehmann​
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Some of our latest works

  1. Mirror Maze Ella Ronen 3:41
  2. Please Ella Ronen 2:25
  3. Härzschlag Kutti MC 3:29
  4. Cara Mia Kutti MC 4:14

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